IP Phone: Call USA – Vietnam FREE

Price: US $90.00


IP phone is designed to be easily deployed with new service to existing infrastructure of small & medium enterprises and service providers while they want to minimize overall operating costs.


IP phone can save your monthly phone bills and reduce operating costs by converging voice and data. It’s free charge to make phone long-distance calls by Internet. Or you can setup a DID number in our IP Phone that guaranteed up to 98% savings on monthly bills and keeping your VoIP phone as a common phone.

Minimum Infrastructure Requirements

To operate IP phone and its functions is done through a web browser and web pages. Every user who uses web pages can thus operate his/her phone. There is no need to learn a new program interface or new operation of VoIP phone. Our IP phone can also be operated and used without computer and web browser, so you can use this service just like a common telephone set.

Two Ethernet Port with Switch Function

Our IP Phone can support two Ethernet Port with Ethernet Switch, 10/100 Base-T Auto-Negotiation MDI/MDI-X (Auto cross over) for the high quality LAN application.

High Quality Phone Call

Featuring the adaptive jitter buffer that adjusts to changes in bandwidth, delay and background noise, IP phone offers users enjoy the excellent voice quality. It also fully compatible with SIP standards, and supports new broadband solutions, such as xDSL, Cable Modem.